Earth 7300 A.D.
Note: the story of Nawhak is set 1500 years before Whakan Multiplayer.

After a thousand years of ecological decay,
Earth has changed to a post-apocalyptic planet.

Global pollution, excessive wars and a perforated atmosphere have turned the planet into an almost lifeless sphere of toxic mud. Radiation is everywhere and most animals have either gone extinct or have mutated into bizarre monstrous creatures.

Amidst this chaos, giant entities made of animated elements of Nature, "Spirit-Elemental Ancestors", have awaken from aeons-long sleep to protect Earth from destruction and have chosen "Heralds" among humans and given them magical items called "Sphere-Worlds" to help them rebuild the world.

These heralds are divided into communities called "Elemental Tribes" and live in Sanctuaries. But recently a new common enemy has emerged: a mysterious Dark Matter spreads over large zones, turning them into wasteland.

Your character lives in the Vegetal Tribe Sanctuary, Tohil, and is a promising Shaman-Warrior chosen by the God-Elemental to uncover the truth about the Dark Matter and save his Tribe from extinction.

Do you have what it takes to explore the World of Whakan?
Whakan Tribes
Vegetal Tribe
They are based in the Tohil Sanctuary under the protection of their God-Ancestor, Tetzaocl. Shaman-Warriors fusion their bodies with wood and can use Nature Spheres.


  • Turn-based fights
  • 50 characters to interact with
  • Unlock new locations by defeating opponents
  • Collect 200 unique magical Spheres among 5 elements to cast animated spells in battle!
  • Select your fighting deck of up to 15 Spheres and adapt your strategy to each enemy
  • Draw symbols on screen to cast the most deadly spells
  • An epic plot spanning 5 regions: Vegetal, Air, Mineral, Ice and a mysterious hidden continent!
  • Animated story screens
Your game looks like it's already completed. Why do you need our money?
We appreciate the fact that you think our game is finished! That means we did our job presenting it well. However, the reality of the matter is that the game we are raising funds for is not finished. The Single Player version of Whakan has indeed been released and is available here: . We have paid for the development of the game up to this point out of our own pockets. We did this to show you, our backers, that we're serious about this project.
But we want to offer you more fun, more platforms and real PvP (player vs player). We can create and develop it within a 9-months timeframe for a release on iPhone/iPad/Android/Facebook. We are unable to finish this game without the additional funding from this community.
Why should I trust you with this money?
All of us here at Forever Young Studio have worked in the industry for over 8 years. We have worked for large companies and small studios alike. Moreover, our company is supported by the Singaporean Government. We are not promising anything we cannot deliver on. Ultimately, it does come down to trust so we understand that this may be a concern to you. We would personally be glad to answer any questions you might have about our experience and history. Please send us personal messages and we'll do the best we can to address your concerns.
Will the game support multiple languages?
This is where exceeding out targets help, as we can get more translations done.
Nous sommes par ailleurs Francais, donc oui, bien sur, la version francaise est prevue.
Do I need to donate additional money for international shipping?
Depends. We've included the additional cost of shipping for each individual prize (some are heavier than others). Please check out the description of the prize before donating. You do NOT need to add up the total cost for each additional level.
How do you know what t-shirt size I need?
Once the campaign has ended we'll be sending out surveys to find out all the shirt sizes we need. We can cover any of the major sizes for both genders.
What will happen if you don't reach the expected amount (300,000$)?
Something important: whatever the outcome, we will honor ALL promised rewards.
300,000$ is the ideal sum for us to develop everything we have planned to create for Whakan multiplayer. Obviously, even if we do not manage to get full support from this Website, we will use this sum to progress, start creating and find new partners. We may require a bit more time to find the total funds, but eventually we will create the game and release it.